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Part Two: Day Three

Okay, so by now you should know the game is called Duke Nukem Forever Beta, a 2D old-skool FPS and parody on the fact that the game is 11 years old and not yet released! I'm basing it on Duke Nukem Time to Kill, making it look like Duke Nukem 3D and hopefully Mortal Kombat type graphics.

I'm currently working on textures, sprites and integrating the cutscene into the game. I hope to get a demo up of "Bootylicous" where the character begins the game up by the end of the week.
(Posted on August, 24th 2008, 05:09)

First Six Hours Finished!!

Okay so i downloaded a old skool remake that i would like to aim for. Then I had to decide the game i wanted to pick, i was originally aiming towards Halo, but i wanted to pick a more interesting series and one that has been available since the days of DOS and yet still has a sequel on the way.

I contributed my time today on making a CGI intro inspired by the one in the games. Im hoping to keep it small though so it wont take too long to download/upload either. I have to dub in audio but im thinking of using the original soundtrack just for the intro. I couldnt see it being the same without it!
(Posted on August, 22nd 2008, 19:19)

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