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Rail Gunner

By stuckieGAMEZ (version 1.01)

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Rail Gunner is a rail shooter, meaning that you have no control over anything apart from where you fire.

The aim of the game is to defend your platform through the level against the onslaught of enemies.

This was created for my DirectX Coursework in about a week, so it's pretty crap, hehe.. full sourcecode is included though.

This game also uses D3DX Functions, and to you that means you need this: … 0x409%C2%A0will if the game gives you an error about missing DLL files.

There's several binaries there, these are all different speeds.
The SDL_Delay set should work on everything.
Frame-based and Time-based are included as experiments.

This package contains a custom DirectX SDK which is not advisable to use outside of this package. It also contains a codeblocks workspace and project file. I don't know if this will work with Visual Studio at all...

Music is by Machinae Supremacy and is available for free from their site.
Title - Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat
Level - Great Gianna Sisters

Textures and Models are from various sources:
Road, Skysphere, Platform and Plasma - Stuckie
Droid - Taken from Strategy Game Programming in Direct X 9 by Todd Barron
Aerial Fighter - Taken from


--- source code license ---
Take what you want but give credit where credit is due.

Genre: Action
Platform: Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: C++
Other attributes: Source Included , 3D Hardware Required
Uploaded: January 28, 2007
Rating: * * * (1 ratings)
Downloads: 43


Rating: No rating

I installed the DirectX runtime you linked to but I now get an error "Could not create Drect3D device" as soon as I run either SDL_Delay files.

Rating: No rating

Is your card Direct X 9c compliant?
To be honest, I hate directx as "Could not create Direct3D Device" can mean so many things making it hard to pinpoint if it's the code, the drivers, or what :\

Rating: No rating

I survived, yay. Nice for a week!

Aside, you can download the dll it wants from and not have to go through that validation thing.

Rating: * * *

That microsoft validation thing in my experience validates illegal windows version without trouble, strangely. :)

The game's okay, I like how it changes perspective each time. I guess the game is about the effort of working with Direct3D?

Rating: No rating

yes.. it's about the nightmare that is DirectX in general.. lol

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