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Bighead Fightin ball

By Neko (version 1.0)

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Fighting style dodge ball but with plataform stages and bombs, supershoots, very bloody...etc

erased some music for very much kb...:C

its very funny

final version

Genre: Action , Beat-em-up
Platform: Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Fenix
Other attributes:
Uploaded: December 8, 2008
Rating: * * * * (1 ratings)
Downloads: 51


Ariel Yust
Rating: * * * *

Very nice job mate... sure the intro is abit noobish and the graphics could use some more work but I like how you programed the game...

the AI is quit good I'm sure I can beat it and if you would like to advance whith this game then you should add more actions to the AI to make the game more fun :) and please make the AI know when he must not pick up a bomb crate...

sounds and music are quit funny :) I think its allright, sure you can make it even better but still it gives me that old good beatem up feeling in me :P

well there is so much going on the screen and I realy didn't know what to do at all... it took me some time to find the keys :P and the hits weren't effective at all... so I just ran after my enemy and only slashed it :P rather a good technic

I realy like the main menu nice job!
you should fix your grammer dude, I know I'm not the one you should speak to in this case :) but when you make a game in english please make everything in english too ;)

very good job! I'm looking for more from you in the future! you have talent so use it and improve this game :) if you need any help in finding good free programs to do gfx and music you can pm me about it :)

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